For anyone who likes fantasy books, magic is a must. Of course the queen of magic if not all of fantasy is J.K. Rowling. She puts the reader under a spell that binds them until they are finished the book. It does not matter how many times you read the Harry Potter books fans will always be captivated on the every read. A good book is defined by how much you enjoy it, a great book is defined by how many times you can read it and still enjoy it as much as the first time round.

What is classed as magic? In my opinion anything is actually classified as magic or some books that people do things cannot be explained especially when it is more than one person. It can be hard to define because if a book had multiple that could move objects with their mind that is not really magic but if they said a word and had to tap into some engery within themselves then that could be classed as magic. Confused? I’ll leave it up to you to decide which books you class as magic or not.

Since J.K. Rowling holds the crown which other authors are biting at her heels hoping for some more recognition for thier hard work. Let’s start with some that are cleary defined as magic.

An enjoyable series that is aimed at the same age range as Harry Potter is The Black Magicain Trilogy by Trudi Canavan ( The Magicain’s Guild, The Novice, The High Lord). The series is set in the city of Imardin and during it’s yearly purge of the city, a young street girl manages to throw a stone through their magical sheild protecting the magicians. Since she untrained they have to find her before she causes harm to herself or others. Since the series is aimed at younger readers it is easy to understand and not too much violence (enough to understand what is going on but does not go into great detail). They are good enjoyable books that captivate your heart and you don’t want to end. There is also a spin-off series that is set about 20years after the final book and a prequel book that is set a few hundred years before, which is personally my favourite of the lot.

Now time for my favourite book of all time, I think I have read it about 10 times, believe me it’s good. The Study series (Yelana Zaltana novels) by Maria V Snyder (Poison Study, Magic Study, Fire Study). Yelana is about to be executed for murder when she gets a life changing choice, choose the noose or become a food taster for the Commander of Ixia. Having magic in Ixia is punishable by death and when Yelana discovers she can do magic she has a whole new set of problems to overcome. It has everything you could want in a book: magic- check, romance (not the mushy kind) – check, battle scenes – check, lovable characters – check. There is also another series (the Glass Series) that is in the same world as the Study series but had as different main character- one that appears later in the Study series.

Frost Arch (the Fire Mage trilogy) by Kate Bloomfield. In a world where mages rule and humans are enslved. Avalon has trouble controlling her fire magic, decides to leave her family and find a job in Frost Arch her life seems dismal, will she be able to overcome everything and save her friends and family? I have only read the first book so far and loved it. Romance has not occured yet but that is part of the charm it is about friendship and loyalty, I am rooting for a certain male charater to woo her. Just reminded myself I need to read the next book sometime soonish.

The not-so obvious magic books (and more magic books and much more) will have to wait for another night as sleep is calling. Have you read all the books yet in this post? What you waiting for? Get reading.

Until next time bookworms.