Now it’s time to delve into the depths of books that can be classed as magic or not, it is entirely up to the opinion of the reader.

The Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson (The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension, The Hero of Ages). The Lord Ruler has reigned over Luthadel for 1000 years, the Skaa are enslaved. A different kind of uprising is in progress,a  Skaa street urchin – Vin, must learn Allomancy to be have any hope at all. Allomancy is a way of ingesting small amounts of metal and using it in varying ways to influence metal and people. Different metals have different properties. The first time I read this I was a bit unsure of people eating metal and then having “powers” but the more I read the more I felt a pull towards it. Since not everyone in the population can do this, it could be classed as a magical ability or a special genetic quirk. However you would like to categorize this book, I would definately recommend it.

The Healing Wars by Janice Hardy (The Pain Merchants, Blue Fire, Dark Fall). Sisters Nya and Tali can take pain from other people and into thier own bodies to heal others. Tali is apprenticed to the Healers’ League, Nya’s gift is slightly different and against the law. With her skill is in demand, she must hide and try to save her sister. As far as I am aware this book is fairly unknown, I want this to change. This series is clever, imaginative, very entertaining and heart wrenching. Nya is put in impossible situations and comes up with genius ways out. Okay, the number of times she ends up captured and manages to get out is a little unrealistic but I can let that slide.

Time for one more? Gracling by Kristin Cashore. People who are born with each eye a different colour, have a special skill called a Grace and are known as Graclings. Katsa’s Grace is killing. When the father of a King from another Kingdom is kidnapped Katsa uses her skills to work out what is going on. When all clues lead to another of the Kingdoms the situation gets dark and mysterious. The prquel is Fire and a very enjoyable story but I would have enjoyed it more if it was a stand alone book rather than prequel, trying to work out how they were linked annoyed me. The sequel to Graceling is Bitterblue, I have not found time to read it yet, but it looks promising.

Now that I have shown you the way of not-so obvious magic you can explore on your own and make up your own mind. That is all for now bookworms. I will find more interesting books and topics for next time. Thank you reading.