Is a story better if it a long one with lots of details and lots of action or is it better if it is short and gets straight to the point? Is a story better if it is told in one book or over a series of books? All depends on the story, right?

How long is a long book? 600, 800, 1000 pages or more? Depends on your view but anything more than 1000 pages is just plain mean. I think about 600-800 is a decent size for a long book. If you have read a Diana Gabaldon book especially  the Outlander series, which so far has eight books in it, each book is 1200+ pages. I really do like the look of this series and want to give it a go, but the sheer length is putting me off. How long it must have taken her to write them, this is definately the definition of dedication. Perhaps one day i will get around to reading it, but a book that is longer than all 3 Lord Of The Rings put together, scares me a little.

Ok, to the other end of the spectrum, short books. I am not talking about short stories which are perfectly accecptable if you like them, I am talking about the books that have seem to become popular since the Kindle has come about that are more like a chapter than a book. The Witches of Santa Anna by Lauren Barnholdt are about 40-50 pages per book, yes I did say per book. The first two if not three, do not even mention witches of any kind. I bought the first 7 as a bundle and just prentended it was a normal lentghed book. Each “book” just finishes like a chapter would, rather than a book. Even books that end with cliff hangers have some sort of rounding off, these “books” just end. These “books” annoy me, I think the authors are just trying to get money, they charge over £1 for each one. Seriously? They would probably earn more money if they made the 7 into one full length book and probably more respect from readers and writers alike. The worst one I have seen that someone charged people for, was a 19 page book. How they even got a story to fit in that is beyond me, but hey, I’ll just avoid it at all costs.

The other issue, a stand alone book or a series of books? Always a series if the story is well-thought out and doesn’t just drag and seem like the author is trying to fill in pages so they can make another book out of it. The worst case I have come across of this is the House of Night series by Kristin Cast and P.C. cast. The first one is a well rounded book and there are no points that the reader is itching for something to happen, when I was finished I was happy to continue with the series. As the series goes on, each book just gets worse and worse. The main character is too obsessed with boys to worry about the world’s impending doom and for about 75 pages literally nothing more than sitting around happens. Needless to say I stopped reading them, I felt as the writer’s were trying to get money off the readers and with writing that bad it is daylight robbery.

Enough ranting for tonight. I will say goodnight now bookworms, until next time.