I got a Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest for free in exchange for an honest review.

When I first got offered this book I was skeptical, in my mind it was going to be a cross between twilight and 50 shades of gray. Thankfully it was not! There were quite a few parts that reminded me of twilight but with any vampire romance book there is that danger, if not unavoidable trap. The similarities: a girl falls for a vampire even though she has seen exactly what evil creatures they can be; the vampire falls for the girl before getting to know her; there is someone else that wants to harm or kill the girl; there is at least another man/vampire who wants to be with her; there is another female vampire that resents the girl for being the one the male vampire picked and last of all (well probably not, but all I can think of right this second), even though the male vampire finds the girl’s blood the sweetest blood he has every smelt, he somehow manages to resist.  Most of the similarities mentioned are the cringe-worthy parts of Twilight.

The book is fairly short at 152 pages, a quick read. Thankfully there were no sex scenes, I am  not fond of sex in books just for the sake of it, if it is intergral to the story then fine but the whole new fad with new adult books that are basically young adult novels with adult issues, most of thbe time sex. I personally think the authors are shootign themselves in the feet when they do that because they are ruling out a whole generation of readers. But hey, I still read them and just ignore the dirty bits.

Okay, back to the book. Sofia is kidnapped by vampires on her 17th birthday and is taken to an unknown island of eternal night, known as the Shade.  The prince of the vampires awakes from a 400year sleep and Sofia is enslaved to his harem. She soon realises that the safest place in the shade is at the prince Derek’s side and in his good books. Will she survive?

Good points: Easy to read, well edited, enjoyable and best of all you actually see vampires for what they are, they do not go into sunlight and their known predators and prey are humans.

Bad points: Too much like twlight (in the basics, not the actual story line), not long enough, the first few chapters did not have enought charcater development.

Time for me to read another book, so I bid you goodnight bookworms.