What draws people into a book? What makes someone stop everything and read a book from cover to cover. Is it the cover with a pretty picture or bright colours? I personally prefer covers that are not too cluttered, if there is a picture, I like it when it has something to do with the book, even if you do not find out until after the book is finished. matched I have not had the chance to read this book yet, but the cover is clean and inviting and I like that the next two in the series have the same idea but slightly different and a different colour. Fire_cover I think this cover is just so pretty and if you have read the Gracling by the same author, the bow and arrow mean alot.

The bad covers. Bridget Jones's Diary This is just plain scary, it looks more like a horror than a romance book. almond_clay I would not even pick this book up, or anything else by this author. As much as we shouldn’t, we all judge a book by it’s cover.

Does the title tickle our fancies or make us step away and find another book that will statisfy us. Short titles like “Shiver”, “The Keep” “The Knight” seem to be more appealing than long winded titles.  Unfortunately even the one-word idea might be a trap, “Clay” does not appeal to me in anyway, it does not spark any intrigue.

The description of the bok itself needs to be inviting and well written, it really does not matter how many people have told you it is “must read” or how many glowing reviews it has recieved, if the blurb is not your cup of tea, the likelyhood of you ever reading it unless you have to or your bored is very low. People keep telling me read Magician, but I just cannot seem to pick it, there is just one word that is putting me off “alien”, I am  not a science fiction fan and I associate alien with it. Perhaps one day I will bow under the weight of peer pressure and read it, but today I have many books that I actaully want to read. I have a problem with books that do not seem real, yes this is odd because I mainly read fantasy, but I think there is such a thing as too much imagination, it has to be logical and put in such a way that it is real in the story. Hard to explain but this is probably why I do not read Sci-fi because alot of it is too far fetched.

So with a great title and cover, and a killer of a decription there is no reason why any book cannot be appealing.

That is all for now, bookworms.