I, as many people do have a very large “to be read” pile. It grows weekly, sometimes daily. How do you decide which book to read next? It’s easy if the next book in a series you enjoyed is out, or one of your favourite authors has a new book out that you have not yet had the pleasure of reading. But what happens if you don’t. I also have plenty of books that I really really look forward to and some that look okay. It gets even harder if you are choosing off of your kindle because you only have title and author’s name to try and remember what the book is about and what made you buy it in the first place.

I am the only one that gets bored of a book before reading it, if it has been on my to read shelf for too long? I will eventaully go and read it but it will usually take great will power to read it so I will not have to look at it any longer. I much prefer it the other way, when you have a look on your shelf and fins a book that you had forgotten was there, this happened to me the other day with Fatherland by Robert Harris, although I have not yet read it, I will one I have finished my current book.

Do you just decide on which book most suits your mood or do you as soon as you see a certain book, remember how much you liked the look of it the first place? As more and more books get bought, the older ones get left in the dust at the back, eventaully to find light again when you havethe time to go book hunting. Because lets be honest as much as we all say we are not going to buy any more books for a while, it never happens espcially with a kindle because they take up no room, it makes it so easy to buy more books than you can possibly ever read.  I hope I am not the only one.

I will let you go raid your book shelves for long forgotten books, night bookworms.