The fire chronicle is the second book in the books of the beginning series. The first book is The Emerald Atlas – One winter night three children were taken from their beds and, a dark silhuoette of a man has haunted the eldest sibling, Kate, ever since. Ten years on, the children have grown up in orphanage after orphanage. They arrive at Cambridge Falls, they feel this place is different and somehow they feel like they have been there before.  Whilst exploring their new home they discover an old leatherbound book, the moment they touch it an ancient prophecy is set in motion. Only they can save Cambridge falls and the world from devestation and in doing so will face terrifying creatures and unimaginable challenges.

The Fire Chronicle- Kate the eldest was last seen fighting a Screccher, Michael was needs to go to the ends of the earth to find the fire chronicle and Emma, the youngest wants nothing more than her family back together.

This series is aimed at younger readers, but like most of these book older readers will enjoy reading them just as much. I find these books clever, enchanting and original. Whenever I think it’s going to be predictalbe, the story spins around and something completely different happens, this I love. The writer has created back stories that spans thousands of years, but it is easy to follow. The series contains magic, elves, dwarves and at least one new creature of the authors imagination.

What I like most about the books is that every character/ race of being (apart from the screechers) have their good and bad points, even the evil characters have some good in them, no matter how little and I really enjoy seeing that side and how they came to be the way they are. The elves are the singing, dancing jolly elves but when put in danger they can hold their own. The dwarves are all about loyalty and honour but even they can be greedy. The second book deals alot with people and their past, for a children’s book I find this refreshing. I also enjoy the fact that the children do not act like typical teenagers, but they do not act beyond their years either.

I am thoroughly looking forward to the next book.

I have decided to put links to other peoples blogs that discuss the same books. I may not always agree with what they say but I firmly believe that you have to more than one person’s view to decide on wether or not you will give a book a go or not.

I hope to not leave as long a gap betweent posts in the future, so happy reading bookworms.