Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins is book one in the young adult Hex Hall series. In it Sophie Mercer has only known she is a witch for 3 years. Her non-magical mother could not tell her about the magical world and she got into a scrapes along the way. When a spell goes wrong and threatens to expose witches, Sophie is sent to Hecate Hall, an isolated school for wayward witches, fairies and shape-shifters.

Her new room-mate is the only vampire on campus and she instantly has a crush on the hottest warlock on school whose girlfriend is one three most powerful witches in the school. And last but not least a ghost that keeps popping up. As students are attacked and her best friend is blamed she must work out what is going on.

Ok, so ye, it is young adult but it is not all whiny like a lot of the books that are aimed at teenagers these days. I do not often laugh at books, (well I don’t laugh where I’m meant to) I found myself giggling away at the witty desricptions and dialogue. Some of my favourite parts are:

-When a werewolf runs at her shouts “bad dog” (this made me smile).

– “But this room looked like it had been decorated by the unholy lovechild of Barbie and Strawberry Shortcake.”

Most of the story is fairly predicatable but in a good way. I did not see the end coming in a million years. People I did not even consider to be bad guys turned out to be the worst imaginable. And one person I had pegged down for sure to be on the bad team was a goodie through and through.

I know alot of people avoid young adult books mainly because of Twilight and all the complaining Bella does and the annoying love triangle. Okay yes there is a love triangle here but for once the main character is one on the outside and not the girl that all guys swoon over even though she is described as plain. The only bit that bugged me was that they kids at the school seemed to get away with murder (in some cases literally). They could hex each other and not get into trouble. I did like how the book seemed to have paralells to real life issues such as cliques in school, bullying and racism (maybe I am looking to deep). I like books that are light but have serious undertones.

Okay the hot guys – Archer and Cal, even though Archer is mentioned much more and is Sophie’s crush I never really found myself liking him. Cal on the other hand seem genuinely like a good guy and a great guy to have around in case of emergency.

The cover art itself is clever it has sophie standing over a pool, there is a reflection in it, which if you read the book closely enough you will realise is Alice.

Ok enough babbling by me for today. I am off to read the second book in the series. Once again I have put in a link to another blog on this book. I enjoyed reading it as much as I did the book.

Until next time bookworms.