The Broke and the Bookish encourages people to join in the Tuesday top ten with them. I think this is a wonderful idea and have decided to join in.  This weeks top ten is : Top Ten books that intimidate you, books that you have not gotten around to reading for some reason.

1. The Lord of the Rings – Why? Because I have seen all the films and loved them, read the fist book years ago and adored it, now I am worried I will not like it as much if I read it now, or I will have time to read it, and will abandon it again.

2. Alice in Wonderland – I know I know, it’s a children’s book it is not scary. I read it as a kid and have see the films, I worry now that if I read it as an adult, it will have lost all of it’s wonder.

3. Jane Eyre – I love period dramas, I have  heard so many times that it is a must read, I think if I read it now I would be bowing to peer pressure, so I will most likely never read it, even though it looks good.

4. The Casual Vacancy – I love J.K. Rowling, but what if this is no where near as good as the Harry potter series? I know I should not judge it on her previous books, but I do not think I would be able to help it.

5. Cloud Atlas – This has been sitting on my shelf for years, I have started but only ever gotten a few pages in, I did find it good, but wanted to wait until I had time to read it properly, I never have gotten around to reading it.

6. The Distant Hours – I have read two other books By Kate Morton and they have joined the ranks of the favourites, but I cannot seem to pick up this one, even though I have heard it is just as good, will it live up to the other two, I think in time I will read this, but not sure when.

7. Sherlock Holmes – The idea of these have always intrigued me, I think I am worried they will not live up to expectations and just be like any other crime book. The idea of it in my head is full of passion and humor, not sure if I will ever read them.

8. The Late Hector Kipling – This is by David Thewlis, who is an actor and plays Professor Lupin in the Harry Potter films. I have a signed hard back copy of this books sitting atop my book shelf. It has been sitting there for a few years, I bought because I love him as an actor but will I love his writing? Will I be able to watch anything with him in it again?

9. Jaws- I cannot remember a time when I did not know about the film, not sure I have seen it the whole way through. The book is exactly what I like to read but since I have always known of it and know of most of the story will I enjoy it or just be bored because I know of the ending.

10. The Shining- I like Stephen King and this is probably one of his most famous books, I hated the film though, bout love the idea. At some point when I am bored I will probably read or when I have finished all his other books but still want more.

Which books intimidate you?

Keep on reading bookworms