The Broke and the Bookish      Does Top Ten Tuesdays and encourages other bloggers to join in. This week is favourite movie adaptions. Since I do not know of that many, I will also include ones I am looking forward to and books that I want to be made into films.

Favourite Adaptions

1. Harry Potter – Of course, what else would I put first? I love the books and most of the movies are really good. It is full of magic and the writing is just amazing. The first few films, well lets say the acting of the younger actors were not great but they got better and the last film is just amazing.

2. Lord of the Rings – Okay, I have only read the first LOTR books but it is so well done and the kind of book that you need at least an hour at a time to read rather than 5mins here and there. I wish Tom was in the films though.

3. Twilight – I know a lot of people do not like this. But I do like them from time to time. The books are better but Bella does get annoying.

Book adaptions I am looking forward to being made or still have to see

4. Beautiful creatures- Have not had a chance to see this yet, but I really want to see. Any film with Emma Thompson must be good. She looks bad-ass in the trailer.

5. City of Bones – looks interesting, have not read the book either yet but will definitely watch the film no matter what.

6. Divergent – The first two books the series are in my faves. I am slightly nervous because I do not want the films to ruin the books but I will take the chance.

7. Discovery of Witches- More magic, YAY, this is only a rumour just now but I hope it does it would be amazing.

Books I want to be made into films

8. Poison Study – One of my ultimate fave series. Full of magic, love, originality and kick-ass female protagonist. If this was done right, it would surpass the Harry Potter films. With all the fight scenes and intrigue in this it would have a big fan base.

9. The Pain Merchants – Okay I admit, this would be a very difficult series to make into films and possibly be a bit boring because of it, but I would still love to see it.

10. The Final Empire – with all the jumping around town this would be great but almost impossible to show what is going on. It would take someone really clever and creative to pull this off as a film.