I know Thursday’s have been designated by me as Harry Potter days, but I have not had time today. This week it will be Harry Potter Friday. A few weeks ago I told you that I entered a writing competition on the good reads group Indie and Proud. I came second. I think this story is really good and unfortunately deserved to win. I have already posted my story The Cliff’s Edge, here is the winning story. I do not own any writes to this. I do have permission from the author to post it here.

Hope you enjoy and until tomorrow.

For Just a Minute …”

By James Spurlock

I don’t know who you are!

You look familiar, though.

Maybe we knew each other once. I can’t remember. Let me think about it for just a minute.

I know where I am. I know that, of course. Who wouldn’t know? It’s a nursing home, isn’t it? The women in white uniforms are nurses. I’m sure of that. They’re always giving me something in a little paper cup. They say to me, swallow this. And sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t. I might spit it out. They’re always talking. They bother me all the time.

These other people, I don’t know any of them. They all think they know me. I wonder where in the hell they came from. I think I’ve seen some of them before, but, hell, I don’t know where. Maybe they were in a movie. No, maybe they came to our house. Let me think about it for just a minute. I might have worked with them, when I was working. Where did I work? I should know that. I know it was a long time ago.

Damn, you keep telling me something about you think you’re my daughter. Well, I have a daughter. Don’t I? Maybe I don’t. But you do look familiar to me. Look at those kids. They’re beautiful. Somebody must be proud of them. I wish they were my grandchildren.

What? You still think you’re my daughter? Then what’s your name? I know I have a daughter. Why can’t I remember her name?

I’ll tell you what I remember. Stop talking for just a minute and listen to me. You know what I remember? Well, hell, wait for just a minute and I’ll tell you.

I remember now. I remember a man I loved. We got married. Damn, I don’t know when it was. He loved me. I don’t know where he went. Just disappeared one day. Everybody told me it’d be all right. They said we’d see each other again one day. I’m not sure what they meant. No, I’ll talk about whatever I want to talk about. You’re not going to stop me.

I remember something else too. A little girl. Damn, she was pretty. I can’t remember her name, though. Can you remember her name? What’d you say? Oh, that ain’t it. I’ll remember. Give me just a minute.

Doesn’t anybody understand how I’m feeling? All I know is they keep talking about someone named Al something or other.

You do look familiar. Did you tell me your name? Tell me again and I won’t forget it this time. Hell, that’s a nice name. You know what? I think I remember somebody with a name like that.

The man I was talking about. Did you know him? What? Hell, he couldn’t have been your father. I can’t think of his name either. He was a good man, a very good man. Polite too. He used to give me things. Every birthday he’d give me something. No, I don’t remember what.

I don’t think I feel very good right now. I’m kind of tired. And sleepy. I can’t stay awake. Listen, I’m going to close my eyes for just a minute. Don’t you go away. Wait there. And don’t let those beautiful little children go away either.

I don’t like the way I feel right now. What’s a word that’d describe it? I’ll think of it in just a minute.


Well, go away.

I didn’t ask you to come in here.

No, I don’t care if you go away!

Who are you, anyhow?

Tell me again!

Hell, what time is suppertime? They told me, but I forgot.