Not a very cheery post I know. But one day I was thinking about Voldemort and realised he reminded me of Hitler so I decided to share it all with you and see what you think.

Okay, first things first both are tyrants trying to take over the world and controlling people, killing anyone who gets in their way and took over their governments. They both also have an ideal person that they believe are better, Hitler’s was blonde, blue-eyed and and half Jewish. Voldemort’s is wizard and a pure blood. Muggles should be slaves or dead in his eyes, such as was Jewish people to Hitler. Both tyrants do not fit their idles. Lord Voldemort was a half-blood and Hitler was brown haired, brown eyed. So they both preach idles that they do fit, unfair oh yes.

Both lead but got a lot of people to do their dirty work for them. In both cases people said that they had been forced to do terrible crimes. In Voldemort’s case sometimes by curses so they have no choice, i.e. the Imperio curse which Malfoy used on Madame Rosmerta to get at Dumbledore.

Once the tyrant is dead, the army fell in both cases even though a lot of Nazis or Death eaters still stood.

In both cases people went into hiding, and were being sought out by the evil force that chased them. The people that each was trying to put down were branded in some way. Either with the star of David for the Jewish in Hitler’s case or being made to go to court and have their wands taken away for muggle born witches and wizards in Voldemort’s case.

They both used excessive force and killed thousands if not millions of innocent people. But both were thankfully brought down. Both were destroyed by their own arrogance. They thought they could beat everyone, even when they were losing. They each had someone disobey and order which possibly cost them the war. Mrs Malfoy told Voldemort that Harry was dead when he wasn’t, which helped give confidence and of course Harry to fight again. In Hitler’s case he asked Albert Speer to destroy weapons before they could fall in to their enemy’s hands, Albert disobeyed this order.

Their deaths may vary but what happened after is similar. Both were like spells being broken. People could be free and not hide. The people who could not walk the streets for fear of being captured or being killed could once again walk in the open.

Was the similarity on purpose or just a big coincidence?

Have I left any similarities out? Sorry that it was not a cheerful topic, but one I think is good topic. Until next time bookworms.