Top ten Tuesdays was created by and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  This week it is authors you think do not get enough recognition. Here is my top ten, in no particular order. Some are fairly well known but more people need to know about them in my opinion.

1. Janice Hardy – She wrote the Pain merchants trilogy. Which has become one of my favourite series. It’s original and full of wonder.

2. Kate Bloomfield – who wrote the Fire Mage trilogy. I have  not yet read the second one, but I loved the first. It was clever and full of original magic. (Shows how under recognised she is, I could not find one related article.

3. Robin LaFevers – You may have heard of her book Grave Mercy about female assassins. It’s well written and captivating, I just think more people need to know about her.

4. Scoot Nicholson – He wrote the fear series (Liquid Fear and Chronic Fear). It’s a crime thriller. Very thrilling.

5. Jessica Soreneson – She has had a lot bad press, she writes young adult fiction and has started to write New adult fiction. Her books are definitely for people who can handle teen angst in books.

6. Joseph Lallo – He wrote The Book of Deacon series. If you like dragons and magic then this series is for you.

7. Nicole Williams – She wrote the Eden series, it’s YA but original and intriguing.

8. Maria V. Snyder – You have probably heard of her, but have you read her books? They are really good and each series is unique and offers something different.

9. Trudi Canavan – Once again you have probably heard of her, but she needs more people to read her Age Of the Five series, and also to bring a new series out because I want to read more from her.

10. Sarah Bryant – My favourite book by her is City of the Sun and it is very difficult to get, but It is so worth it.