The Language of Souls by Lena Goldfinch.15848469

A fast-paced tale of adventure and soul-stirring romance that will leave you breathless.

Solena trespasses into hostile territory to search for a rare herb to cure the grandfather she loves. When a young enemy soldier captures her and she’s accused of being a spy, she discovers just how much she’s risked.

As a soldier, Rundan struggles to please his father, a ruthless army commander. When his father orders him to take the beautiful trespasser to the royal courts, where she’ll surely be tried and executed, Rundan is plagued by an inconvenient desire to protect her.

The handsome young soldier confuses Solena. First, he cruelly captures her, and then treats her with uncommon kindness. When he risks his life to save hers, she fears she may have risked more than her life on her journey…she may have lost her heart.

At just under 150 pages this is a short book, but a good book. It’s nice in the fact that it gets straight to the point but you still get some character development. You know from the start that Solena is going to go on a journey, an adventure. This book shows love of the strongest kind, where you must betray loved ones to be with your beloved. That different cultures should not get in the way of love.

The only real issue I had was with the Votifs, a vessel of burning embers that you keep on you at all times, it’s what keeps you alive and if they dwindle you will die. I just find it a hard concept to grasp, that some embers are what’s keeping you alive, really was not a fan of that concept, but if you can look over it then you should enjoy this book.

A little more about what happened to the characters at the end would have been nice, but that’s just my opinion.

I could not find any articles to do with this book so I just put some random ones in.

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