Top ten Tuesday’s is a feature by Broke and the Bookish, she encourages other bloggers to join in.

1. Zombies – I cannot stand them, I will not read a book with zombies in any shape or from.

2. Aliens – not a sci-fi fan and I associate the two with each other. My boyfriend keeps trying to get me to read Magician, but since it says aliens on the back I cannot seem to find the motivation.

3. Romance – I will read books that have romance, just not ones that is all they are about, i find it boring and lacking suspense.

4. Drugs – Unless it’s something like the matrix I will not pick up a book about pills or any drug, not my kinda thing.

5. Sex – Not a fan of explicit sex scenes, if the book has a good enough story it does not need it.

6. Vampires – Now I know I have read some, but I am just getting bored of them.

7. Time travel – too sci-fi for me, I tried to read the Time Traveler’s Wife, but got bored too easily.

8. Politics – not my cup of tea, I try my best to avoid it in life, I wouldn’t want to read about it.

9. Love triangles – they are just getting too common and predictable.

10. Ghosts – These are hit or miss with, they have to be amazing for me to give them a go.