Where does the magic of Harry Potter come from? I do not mean the spells and actual magic, I mean what makes it so popular? What makes millions of readers always coming back for more? A lot of books have good writing, they also have great characters (both good and bad), good story lines too so why is Harry Potter a nation favourite?

This can never be known for sure, because it is most likely different for everyone, but for me it’s because, the world is so full, and by that I mean everything is explained and no gaps. We also go on a ride with Harry, we learn along with him, he knows nothing of the magical world before the books, so anything he learns we do too. It’s carried out really well, there are no bits where the reader is wondering what’s going on, yet there is still wonder and excitement. It’s a very fine line and J.K. Rowling pulled it of with flying colours.

No matter how many times I read the books, there is always something new I learn, no matter how small it is, it’s still really exciting. I also liked very much how the books grew with the readers, they got darker and they went along. It was also like they were growing with characters, as they got older, the tasks and what they faced got harder, and with worse consequences.

Now here’s the big question. Can it be done again? Can someone (or J.K. Rowling) write another series that is just as good and will capture as many hearts? If so who and when? Will it be Rowling? Will it be you? Or will it be me?

Until next time bookworms