Top Ten Tuesdays is hosted  The Broke and The Bookish, this week’s topic is Top Ten books with X setting, I have not read that many books with the same setting so I am digging into the archives and doing an old one. I chose Top Ten Favourite Covers. In no particular order.

1. the house at riverton It shows a pretty garden and an inviting entrance. I would love to have that as the entrance to my house.

2. the selection I have not yet read this book, but the dress is beautiful and the mirrors make it mysterious like we are going to see more than one side of the main character. I am looking forward to reading it.

3.matched The whole series has pretty covers, they are clean and inviting, they do give a little away once you know what is going on, but I still like it.

4. grave mercy It shows a strong but pretty and determined woman on the cover, and with the title? It is a must read from those two alone, the book itself is amazing.

5. hex-hall-trilogy The whole series looks great, once you read the book you see that all the reflections mean something and it makes them even more inviting.

6. 200px-Thirteenthtale Any book with books on the cover is gonna get checked out by me. It’s simple but straight to the point. I like very much.

7. luxe Not a book I have read, but I love pretty dresses on covers, simple way of being inviting I know but it is intriguing.

8. outside in I love this cover, it is so different from other covers and if you have read the books you will know that it fits the story perfectly. I love it.

9. songstone This is a book I am currently reading on my kindle, so I do not get to see the cover, but when I looked it up, I was instantly intrigued. Simple yet mystifying which is hard to do.

10. Fire_cover I love the colours and how it does not give too much away.

There was so many more that I wanted to include, I would have been here forever though.

What covers do you like?

Until next time bookworms.