Killing Snow White (The fairytale retellings) By Jamie Campbell.

killing snow white

Synopsis from goodreads.

History is told from one person’s perspective. Sometimes they don’t get it right.

The queen has been portrayed as evil for too long. Now it is time for her to tell her side of the story.

The queen once had everything – a loving husband, a ready-made family, and the respect of everyone in the kingdom. Until the day the king died.

As Snow White tries to do everything in her power to hate her step-mother, the evil queen only has love for her. She has always wanted a daughter and was hoping their relationship could be salvaged.

Taken to the woods for her own sanity, Snow White does not hesitate in plotting against the evil queen to take her down.

While trying to continue her husband’s legacy, the queen will do everything in her power to act in the best interests of the kingdom. Even if that means killing Snow White.

Revisit the charming tale of Snow White as told from the perspective of the Evil Queen who allegedly poisoned her.

This is the second of these novellas I have read by Jamie Campbell and this was as charming as the first. I know the evil queen is meant to be evil but I like how every evil thing was explained as good, it was a nice change. I found it very believable. I found myself jumping ahead in my mind wanting to know how a certain part was going to be explained, it was clever and well written. All the characters that you know and love are there, just a little different.

The end, as I was getting further through I was wondering if any ending she could write would be feel right, well the ending we got was better than I could have ever imagined, I loved it, did not see it coming at all.

If you like Snow White this book is worth a shot.

Looking forward to reading the story of Rapunzel sometime soon. Until next time night bookworms.