Songstone by Lena Goldfinch.

I got this book in exchange for a honest review from the author via the goodreads group  We ♥ YA Books!

I really enjoyed the originality of this book, it was the second one I have read by this author but I did not feel it was too similar to the other one.

The Good

I liked how all the different villages had their own myths, legends and stories, it gave the book some character and realism. Now, putting a song into stone just by singing, was very creative and I loved it, the first time it happened in the book, i was amazed and had to stop reading for a few minutes and imagine what it would be like to be able to do that. Noni was an amazing character, she was not swayed by what other people thought, even when everyone else despised Kita, Noni who had known her as a child, just ignored them and tried to get her to be her sister.

The Bad

We never really found out what “moko” was, it was described a little but I was left wondering exactly what it was and how people managed to get it. I also wanted to know a little more about what Makito was doing and why he wanted to turn into mist. It also got a little repetitive how there was always one person in the village who did not care what Kita looked like or which village she was from, they just want to get to know her, it always seemed to be a family member of herself or a friend as well.  (Just my opinions).


I will read more from this author, if she keeps writing like this then no doubt she will be world famous some day. 🙂

Until next time books worms.