This meme was created by the broke and the bookish. This week’s top ten is top ten things that make my life easier as a blogger.

1. My family friends and boyfriend- They all support and help me anyway I need. Not just by reading my blog, but helping me by letting me talk as much as I want and suggesting books.

2. Goodreads – it’s just such a great website for true book lovers. It makes finding books easy and it’s good to talk to like minded people.

3. Netgalley – it’s a good place for professional readers (I love that title 🙂 ). Finding new books and reviewing them is great.

4. Fellow bloggers and my followers- there would be no blog and no enjoyment without you guys. I love reading other peoples blogs and seeing what they write too.

5. My Tips- makes it easier to buy books, without breaking the bank.

6. My kindle – I have far to many books on there but I love it. One click book shopping- Love it.

7. The works (a bargain bookshop) – They lots of different books all for great prices. I shop there too often.

I unfortunately cannot think of anymore- sorry.