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Lena Goldfinch is a fairly unknown author but a great one, as far as I am aware she has only written three books, I have had the privilege of reading two of them, Songstone and Language of Souls. I have not had the pleasure of reading Aire yet.  The Haunting of Joy is out later this month.

Why should she be celebrated?

Her imagination, creativity and skill at linking what is normal and what is fanatical are rivaled only by the author greats.  She creates worlds that the reader gets lost in and doesn’t want to be found. She designs her own book covers, here is one I love, it’s eye-catching and simple at the same time.


Her worlds are complex yet simple, the reader is left feeling like they have been transported to a knew world yet they do not feel confused or left wanting to know much about. A happy, content reader you will be once you have read her books. (My personal favourite is Songstone, it is just amazing.

A little about Lena

She is from Massachusetts, used to work as a software engineer and web designer. She likes horses, reading and watching movies with her family.

Personal Experience

I had the pleasure of reading one of her books as a read for review. When I posted my review, I had a question about why the girl in the cover did not have red hair, like the story. Lena read my review and answered my question for me, she told me it was in black and white. (I read it on my kindle, really should have looked at it better). She took the time out to answer a silly question from and made it seem like it was not a silly question. So add nice person the box of reasons why she an author to watch.

Have you read her work? If not, why not?

Until next time bookworms.