How much do we really judge books by their covers? We all do it. I admit just from looking at the cover and sometimes the title I determine whether or not I want to read the book, and sometimes I won’t even read a review of certain books for that reason. It’s terrible I know.

What puts me off? Romance, so a couple hugging/kissing on the cover will get an instant rejection from me. Innuendo titles like “Game for anything” if the cover also looks like it might me romance or erotica I do not even pick it up. Anything with scary covers, I think if the book is good enough you will get horror from the story and is not needed on the cover.

Yes I know I am really judgmental but as a reader I think I have the right. There are others that I cannot put my finger on why I wince at a cover at swiftly move on.

Now if someone recommends me the book and they know the sort of thing I read then I might read what it is about but with a very judgmental attitude which is probably not the best way to be.

Recently anything with blood in the title puts me off because there are far to many vampire teen books for my liking, even though I do read them they need to be great for me to even attempt them now.

Now what makes me read what a book is about: Anything with witches or magic, any kind of fantasy really. Princesses as well, I do not know why maybe it’s just me being a girl (but I played with toy cars when I was a kid). Clean and neat, colourful covers draw me in straight away.

What draws you in and what puts you off?