A little about her

Elle Casey is now a full time writer, she used to work as a lawyer and a teacher. She likes reading fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian and romance. Now lives in France with her family. She works like a machine and produces roughly one book a month (WOW I know people who read slower than that).

What has she written?

War of the Fae series (Changelings, Call to Arms, Darkness and Light, New World Order)

Apocalypsis seres (Kahayatle, Warpaint, Exodus, Haven)

Clash of the Otherworlds series (After the Fall, Between the Realms, Portal Gaurdians)

Wrecked series (Wrecked and Reckless)

Many more, she is a busy woman.

Why does she deserve praise?

So far I have only read the first three of the War of the Fae series, but they are amazing. The amount of thought and planning that must go into each book is immense and producing one a month is incredible. (When does she sleep?)

Are her books for you?

If you like fantasy, good writing, clever characters, sass, wit and generally a good book then yes her books are for you.

Until next time, happy reading bookworms.