This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week it is the top ten books on your autumn (fall) to be read list. Hmm this is a very hard one for me, I have lots of ARC’s to get my way through I will try not to include them all.

1. allegiant

I think like most of the world I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to grab a copy of this as soon as it is out.

2. Charming-by-Elliott

I have just started this one, (well on page one, that counts right?). It looks really good, cannot wait to get into it properly.

3. the selection

A lot of people have told me how good it is, really need to get moving on it, if the book is as enthralling as the cover is beautiful I will be hooked.

4. AR_AnyOtherName

I have just finished the first one in the series (review to come). This one will read as soon as I can. The first was excellent I can only hope this one is as good.

5. bellmanblack

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield, was a masterpiece and no matter what she brings out I will read it, hoping this book will have the same magic her debut had.

6. fairest

The first book in the series was light, dark and brought back childhood memories of fairytales. I love fairytale adaptions if they are done well and this was completely different than anything I had ever read but still had a sense of familiarity. 

7. heaven high

I want to start making  my way through all the free and cheap books I got on amazon. This one looks intriguing, just hoping there is not going to be a dreaded love triangle.

8. Splintered

I started this one a while ago but did not finish it even though it was good. I hate leaving books I actually liked, will try again soon.

9. temeraire

One of my friends loaned  this to me recently and I assume she wants it back sometime so I better get myself into reading gear.

10. flamethroat

Another one where I have read the first one and had to wait for money to get the second and then forgot. Soon though soon. Possibly an excuse to reread the first one. 😀

Now I just have to find the time to read all of these books.

Which books are you looking forward to reading?

Until next time, Happy reading, bookworms.