Top Ten Tuesdays is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, this weeks topic is top ten book turnoffs.

1. Grammar and spelling mistakes – Okay, so we all make mistakes but this is why you check your work and have other people check it too. One or two mistakes are okay, it happens but when there are loads it gets on my nerves.

2. Blood and gore on the cover- don’t mind it in the book, but I do not like seeing it on the cover, not sure why but it just puts me off.

3. When the plot is too close to another books, there will always be overlap, but I think imagination is a great thing.

4. Too many POV’s just gets confusing.

5. Too many characters especially when they have similar names. It gets confusing and hard to understand.

6. A plot that goes no where, just constant talk about boys or girls and nothing gets done, very annoying.

7. Too much random stuff that does not make sense, I like things to be explained and no I do not mind suspense but there’s a limit.

Cannot think of anymore right now.