lost and found

Lost and found by Colleen Coble.

An old photo brings a shocking revelation and it s up to Emily and her best friend Olivia to solve the case!

Fourteen-year-old Emily O Reilly and her best friend Olivia Webster have a knack for solving mysteries. Emily has been busily training her new puppy Sherlock to be a Search and Rescue dog so that the two can lead search-and-rescue missions someday. So when Emily stumbles across an old photo of Olivia s adoption day a fact that has never been revealed to Olivia the two quickly decide to uncover the mysterious details surrounding Olivia s birth parents.

But the two bite off more than they can chew as they dig into learning more about Olivia s adoption without notifying her parents. And to make matters worse, Emily s mother Marika, a convicted felon recently released on parole, will stop at nothing to contact her daughter a fact that Emily is not happy about.

When her beloved stepmother Naomi disappears, Emily takes it upon herself to connect the dots and conduct her own snow-bound search-and-rescue mission with Sherlock. Will Emily ever find the secret behind Naomi s disappearance? And will Olivia ever learn the truth about her adopted parents?

General Overview

I received a copy of this book free from Netgally in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoyed this book, greatly. It was fun, enjoyable and full of drama. It was aimed at younger readers, which I refreshing and loved that there was not much of a romance aspect, but love for family and friends was showed throughout.  The only part I did not like was all the religion.

4 out of 5 stars

Step by step overview

0% – I have not read the first one in the Rock Harbor series, do not think I need to. Looks like a good mystery told from two young teenagers points of view, lots of secrets to uncover.

10% – Interesting so far, nice writing style, aimed at younger readers but a nice easy read for adults. Lots of drama and secrets to unfold, but not only the ones in the blurb. Emily and Olive’s friendship looks healthy and solid, nice to see in books for younger readers.

20% – Looks like a close net community, where people all band together . I like books that feature them, they give a safety feeling and when something goes wrong it’s even more gripping. I like how the author is dealing with adult issues, the 14year old protagonist hears  adults talking about them in front of her, but later she actually gets talked to like an adult. I like it because for younger readers they can just read on and not know they have missed anything, adults will understand though, it’s nothing integral to the plot.

30% – I think I know who started the fire, but only time will tell. There’s a wee bit too much praying and talking about God for me, but that’s a personal belief.

40% – Looks like I was wrong about who the jacket belonged to, but maybe it’s not over and they weren’t the one who started the fire.

50% – So a second person is missing, are they linked or is it a big coincidence? Personally I think they are not linked. I am enjoying the story, there is not a dull moment but it is not full to bursting with action either.

60% – True friendship, not letting the other one go alone even when you know it is wrong and possibly dangerous. At least one half of one mystery is solved, but just lead to more questions.

70% – I like how the author drops hints at several possibilities for each mystery, keeps you guessing the whole way through.

80% – Hopefully we are close to finding Naomi. She is a nice stepmother, glad there was a stereotype. This time it was the mother who was a nasty piece of work.

90% – I think Olivia is Grace, (if you read it you will understand what I mean). Hmm maybe not. Marika (Emily’s mother) is a horrible person who is only out for herself and doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process.

100% – Charlotte Travers, oh my what a witch, what she did was inexcusable. I did not expect that person to be behind the kidnapping of Naomi, but I suppose there was not anyone left. It was a really good story. I was wrong about somethings which I liked.