This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is books I have been forced to read. Since I cannot remember all the ones I had to read in school I will include some I said I would review or felt bad for saying no to.

1. the great gatsby

I hated this book, it is less than 200pages and it took me 6months read, just not my thing at all, went no-where with the story.

2. the opposite of chocolate

I think I had to choose a book for English and I chose this, it was actually quite good. 🙂

3. gracenotes

I do not think I finished this book, I would like to read it again as an adult and hopefully appreciate it more.

4. lord of the flies

It was quite good, cannot remember that much about it, apart from them fighting.

5. Cal

All I remember about this is that it is set in Ireland and there was some explicit sex scenes (for reading in school anyway).

6. the outsiders

I loved reading this book in school, it was what made me want to read more than just fantasy books, think I will look out a copy and read it again.

7. stone cold

This was quite chilling was I was in high school, had not read many thrillers then, it was also a very sad setting. Worth the read.

8. shade of vampire

The author emailed me asking if I would like to review it, I felt bad for saying no so I said yes and thoroughly enjoyed it. 🙂

9. Charming-by-Elliott

I have not yet finished this book, it was good to begin with then felt like I was in a lesson, unfortunately had to stop.

10. the mage's tomb

This is another I did not finish, I was enjoying it, but there was something lacking for me, will go back to it eventually.