This meme was created by the Broke and the Bookish, this week’s theme is top ten books to at Halloween or creepy covers.  Horror is not one a genre I read very often so this may well all be about covers, I’ll try find a few horror’s I’ve read or at least want to read.

1. shining

Or any other Stephen King book really.

2. before I go to sleep

This book messes with your mind, but what a read!

3. woman in black

This book looks amazing, started to watch the film ages ago but got scared, would love to read book.

4. four summoner's tales

A selection of stories about Summoner’s, creepy is right, intriguing too.

5. UnwindBookCover

This book cover creeps me out, not exactly sure why.

6. we have always lived in the caslte

There is something chilling and a little exciting about this cover, not read the book but looks like it will be the same.

7. the-keep_cover

I have had this book on my shelf for years, possibly time to read it now it’s almost Halloween.

8. jaws

A thriller that is timeless.

9. I know what you did last summer

I love the film, but did not realise it was a book, will need to read it sometime though 🙂

10. welcome-to-dead-house

I used to read R.L. Stine’s books as a teenager, so thought I would get one of them in here. Might try one again sometime soon.

What books do you find scary?

Until next time, happy reading bookworms