saving rapunzel

Saving Rapunzel by Jamie Campbell

The witch of the tower has been portrayed as being mean and evil spirited for too long. Now it is time for her tell her side of the story.

While Rapunzel laments her imprisonment in a tower, the witch Thalia tries to convince her it’s for her own good. Afraid to go outside, Thalia fears the knights are coming to harm them.

When a persistent man continues to speak to Rapunzel, Thalia knows she must do something to stop him getting to her. With her hair growing longer, it will only be a matter of time before he can reach her.

Vowing to keep a promise she made sixteen years ago, Thalia makes a decision that could ruin the kingdom forever.

Revisit the charming tale of Rapunzel as told from the perspective of the witch who kept her captive.

General Overview (no spoilers)

I love the fairy tales retold series by Jamie Campbell, they are all short (less than 40 pages) but they bring a new perspective to the classic fairytale whilst staying true to the original, this one was probably my favourite out of the lot. I hope she writes more, they are a nice quick easy read.

5 out of 5 stars.

Step by step Overview (spoilers)

0% – I am a big fan of fairy tale retellings especially ones by Jamie Campbell. This one looks like it will be just as good as the rest. Rapunzel is not a story I am overly familiar with, I know the basics only, so this should be an interesting read.

25% – I love the writing style, it’s easy to read and flows easily. It is a short story, so it’s fast paced but I do not feel like I am missing out on any important details.

50% – I always thought Rapunzel had blonde hair, I like how she has red hair in this version, makes it seem less Disney, (I know Brave and Ariel have red hair, but still).

75% – It pains me to see this happen to Rapunzel (her hair being cut off). I do not know how the original story ends but I can guess how this one will end.

100% – Nice end, glad it is a happy ending for all. As I said I am a sucker for these stories and I want to keep on reading about these characters.