the grove of the sun

The Grove of the Sun by Parvathi Ramkumar.

I received a free copy of this books from the author in exchange for an honest review.

For as long as Ildanis can remember, Chimera has celebrated its independence from Eventide. Order and Chaos never did see eye to eye. Until Chimera’s dream is shattered in a thousand ways. Blights in fields once lush and green. Sickness amongst the hale. The onset of winter in a land of eternal summer.

But Chimera, it seems, has the gift of turning a blind eye to the changes.

And the slow return of Chaos into Order.

General Overview (No Spoilers)

I loved this book, it is not my usual type of fantasy, I like ones that are complex yet very simple, this one is complex but not quite simple enough for me. But I know lots of people like a little challenge or a change, it’s exactly what this gave me. I loved every page. I felt like I was transported to the Dreamscape and I was the one being told the story. I was enchanted from page the first page. This book was beautiful, elegant, coherent and mind-blowing, all I could want from a book and more. Worth the read? YES.

My Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Step by Step Overview (spoilers)

Page 0 – Looks good, not my usual type of book, but sounds like it could be very interesting and have some clever concepts. Since I was reading this on a PDF (not my usual kindle) I will put it in 3 chapter slots.

Chapter 3 – The writing is melodic and has me captivated with is sweet words. The prologue has got me immersed in this beautiful city which is not quite what it should be. There a few too many titles (words that have capitals that do not normally), buildings names for people etc, for me of it is not the start of a sentence or the name of a person or place or usual usage, then a capital has an important meaning. Using it too much negates this. (It got better as the book went on).

“With the slight accent of a forgotten time” – a beautiful phrase that has a endlessness to it.

“Do your piece and leave. You’re wet after all.” – Reminds me of Alice in

Wonderland, not sure why.

As a character I am loving Kareth. He seems to be smart but not arrogant, still knows there is much knowledge left to be found out.

So far I am finding this book well thought out and enchanting.

Chapter 6 – There are a few places where there is a lack of punctuation. Quotation marks for speech started but does not show where it ends. It seems all the adepts are rude to apprentices and people not living in Chimera. I like the part with Ildanis’s journal it’s a new and fun way to find out his thoughts.

There’s a part where it says “If that wasn’t ambiguous enough” There was no mention of the said ambiguous subject before or after this phrase.

Chapter 9 – I am guessing Ildanis is either able to use chaos elements and not orders or he is able to use both. Could the strange happenings have something to with Ildanis? It seems like Chaos and Order are once again mixing together. So Winter has come and hopefully an adventure along with it.

Chapter 12 – My mind keeps going back to Ildanis being trapped and trying to work out how he got there, imprisoned maybe?

Chapter 15- It’s a nice story, full of wonder and concepts that obviously took a lot of work.

Chapter 18 – I love the imagery this author shows us, I feel like I am there. I would love to see a play by the Theatre of Illusions, sounds amazing. I think he will be able to rebuild the shrine.I suspect that he can use both order and chaos and it makes him stronger than others.

Chapter 21 – Wow, things are getting more in depth and intriguing than I thought it would. I want to march to the finish right now and find out all the answers. I did not see that person showing up. I like it when I am not able to guess what’s going to happen.

Chapter 24 – I should now soon find out what the title means, and what exactly it is. I love the endings of books. I feel they show you the most, not only the secrets but the true person beneath masks. This ending looks like it is going to be wondrous.

Chapter 27 – How bad do things have to get before Order and Chaos join forces? I have guessed some of the smaller outcomes in this book but not the main plot points, I have no clue on how it is going to end.

Chapter 30 – Wow, what an ending, it has left me wanting more, I would love to read some side stories on this world, like what happened to Kareth?

Who would I recommend this too?

Anyone who likes fantasy, read a book that stretches your imagination and generally a captivating book.