This meme is hosted by the broke and the bookish. This weeks post of Winter reading list. I do not have many if any winter themed books, so I will just be stating ten books I plan to read over the next few months before Spring is sprung.  Choosing ten books only is going to be the challenge.

1. in falling snow

I found one with a winter theme so I thought I would give it a bash soon and be festive.

2. taste of darkness

I have this as an ARC, and it’s out at the end of this month so I probably start this very soon, looking forward to it. Loved the first two in the series.

3. the iron king

Been wanting to read this for a while but it was at the bottom of a very large pile, since the pile has now fallen it has been removed safely and put aside for reading very shortly.

4. the holders

Is there more to say than it looks great?

5. the madea complex

I saw this on someone else’s blog a while ago and decided that I had to read it.

6. ????????????????????

Fantasy and mystery, what more could I want?

7. new world order

I read the first three in the series a while and had to stop to read other books, cannot wait to pick this book back up again.

8. Romulus Buckle & the City of the Founders lg

Never read steampunk but it intrigues me greatly.

9. the selection

I have heard great things about this book, cannot wait to get started.

10. dragon defender

DRAGONS!!! 😀 😀

What books are you reading this winter? Have you read any of these are they any good?