2013 was a slow reading year for me, I am going to try better in 2014. Here are my reading resolutions.

1. Read more- I only read 74 books last year, I had a reading slump for a few months and barely read anything.

2. Blog more- I would like to do a blog post at least one every two days. Even if it is not a book review.

3. Keep up with Netgalley- I am very bad for letting netgalley books pile up, I really need to stop.

4. Comment more on other blogs – I do try to comment on other blogs, but I need to do it more. There are some great blogs out there, I often read the posts but don’t comment. Will try harder.

5. Stop starting books and not finishing them for ages- it’s easy to lose track of which ones I have started and exactly what the storyline is.

Happy New Year