witches and witchcraft 2014

I am already doing three challenges this year and was certain I would not do anymore, then I saw this one, it is right up my alley. I am convinced I could read 20 witchy books in a year, but I will play it safe to begin with and go with 11-15.

Level – Mother 11-15.

There a couple of books I would love to read this year but other than this few I will see what I feel like at the time.

Discovery_Of_Witches_gl_30s_320x480beautifulcreaturesbkbroken spellwitch hollow and the wrong spell

This is going to be a great reading year for me I think 🙂

I forgot it was Sunday yesterday and have not yet done my showcase Sunday, but I will do it tomorrow when I can remember which books I bought, think there’s a lot.