24th room

24th Room: The Vale Legend by Christy Ellynby.

“The Room has one rule which you must never break or you will lose the privilege of the 24th Room – when it is time to go back, you must always return the way you came, never attempt to go down any of the other stairways…”

Jaxon and Shay Vale are 16-year-old twins, one of whom, due to their heritage, will be the future Lord or Lady of Vale Manor in England. In their eyes, this is a burden – and not one they are the slightest bit interested in. An old lady from a store in the village tells them about the manor’s secret: the 24th Room, which sits in the 5th Dimension, can be reached from a stairway that will take them on a journey through the amazing night sky. This room is like no other, and holds many surprises for Jaxon and Shay.

The legend of the room states, once they turn 18, that their memory of the 24th Room will disappear… But will it? (Synopsis from Goodreads).

I received a free copy of this books from Netaglley in exchange for an honest review.

General Overview (No Spoilers)

I thought this book had a lot of potential and then I read the reviews and was not as excited, I lowered my expectations. It was not as bad as everyone said it was, but it was not great. There was some plot flaws and the writing was childish and confusing at times. There was no clear POV, it kept switching every few sentences. No proper paragraphs. I thought it would be fast paced, but mostly it went too fast and you were left wonder what on earth happened.

I felt like it was a first draft that, with a lot of work, could be quite good. But as it is, it needs a load of work and a competent editor and proof readers.

2 stars out of 5

Step by Step Overview (Spoilers)

0% – Looks different and since it less than 100 pages it should be fast paced and fun. I had a quick peek at it’s reviews, the highest rating it has gotten is 2 out of 5 stars, this does not bode well. But I will give it a fair shot and not let that affect my opinion of it.

25% – The writing is not great, feels a little childish. There are paragraphs that last pages. Jax and Shay seem to switch moods every few sentences then back again.

50% – I highly doubt their parents would let people they their children have only known 2days stay a weekend at their house. The author cannot decide on a POV, it keeps changing all over the place.

75% – Was there not a part about it being the Lord or Lady that could save the day, now it seems (without any explanation) that it is the Lord. Only he can defeat the bad guy apparently. There’s not much substance to this book. I am not sure where all these teens came from (or teensters as they keep being called).

“She flung her legs up” – Is an odd way to describe a kick. The whole premise for the fight is flawed, how could have Nolath never gotten in before? Nothing stopped him. It’s confusing.

100% – It kind of seems like the bad guys are turning up when the good guys are fully prepared, too neat. Not a great read, sorry. I would not have finished it if it was not an ARC.