Top Ten Tuesdays is hosted by Broke and Bookish, this weeks topic is  worlds you would not like to live in, or characters you would not like to swap places with. I have seen some really good answers.

1. Panem and the districts (Hunger Games) – Well who would want to live there? Most people in the districts are starving and the people in the Capitol are monsters.

2. Mordor (Lord of the Rings)- Some of the other parts of Middle-earth, like Rivendale and the Shire, I would love.

3. Ixia (Poison Study)- Too many rules, even accidental deaths are not allowed and someone is sent to death for it. Wouldn’t mind living in Sitia though.

4. Lethe Academy (The Last Academy) –If you read the book you will understand why, so not want to spoil it.

5. Scientist’s Pod (Anomaly) –If I was being tested on and thinking I was going to be annihilated I would not like it very much, not allowed any emotions either would not be fun.

6. Perdido Beach (Gone) – With all adults gone and no way in or out, and people developing new powers, that’s got to be scary.

7. England 1321 (The Owl Killers) – An amazing book, but seriously scary stuff, The Owl Masters are seriously messed up men.

8. Inkworld (Inkspell) – Two many messed up characters to deal with, all the baddies you can think of are there, not my idea of happiness.

9. Frost Arch (The Fire Mage Trilogy) –Where people with no magic are slaves or worse, I do not think it would be a good place for me since I have no magical power.

10. Forks (Twilight) – It seems to be a hot spot for vampires and not juts the vegetarian ones,  not a good place to live.

What worlds would you hate to live in?