the trio

I have been thinking of doing a new post for a while, and I wanted to do something I am passionate about and hopefully other people will enjoy reading. Something I know well, Harry Potter is an obvious choice, maybe people are getting sick of it, but I am not and I hope I am bringing something new and engaging.

So what if after the big battle at Hogwarts Harry and his friends were arrested and charged with the crimes they committed but were not punished for. What crimes would they get charged with and what defense would they have if any? I personally think it’s an interesting thought. It is all meant as a bit of fun, as I said before I love everything about Harry Potter, so in no way is this making fun of the series.

A few years ago, one of my best friends and I were studying for a law exam and whilst trying to learn the terms we used Harry Potter references to learn them. It was a good laugh and it helped us learn. A few days ago I was thinking about this, so I thought why not do it as a blog post, show it to the people who would appreciate it the most.

Here are some examples of the kind of thing that will be discussed.

  • The Murder of Voldemort, could Harry claim self-defense? But he had been planning to kill Voldemort for at least 6 years, so was it premeditated, making self-defense not a viable defense.
  • Bank Robbery, breaking into Gringotts and stealing the cup and the dragon.
  • Murder of Professor Quirrell, could he claim self-defense? Or even that there’s no proof since there is no body left?
  • Kidnapping of the Goblin in Gringotts (okay they put him under the Imperius curse, but they still took him against his will).
  • Torturing Bellatrix Lestrange, after she kills Sirius Black, once again through a curse but it’s still torture.

I do not plan to do this on any particular day, or with a certain interval in between but at least once a week, but if I am feeling inspired it might happen every day. I am going to read through each book and find every crime I can leaving no stone un turned, no matter how small it is. I will also be focusing on all the good characters, so no death eaters or Voldemort, their crimes are obvious. I will start on book one and see how it goes.

Does this seem like something you would like to read? Is there any crime that you find funny or interesting or would just like to discuss? Please leave a comment, I am interested for any input and feedback you may have on this.

Happy reading