So I have not been doing well with my challenges I have not even manged to do a post for February. Will try harder in April but the first week is going to be a right off. I am so busy at work and have decided to reread one of my favourite series, it’s easy reading and it’s calming my stress levels. In February I read 5 books and in March I read 4. Terrible I know. I am going to combine the books I read in the two months. Click the pictures to see my review.

2014 button

pretty little liarsstormbreaker

Only two in two months- Hangs head in shame.

netgalley challenge

first impressionchameleonstiltskindarkridge hallgrimthe purple girldead beautiful 7 is not terrible but let’s be honest it is not very good either.

witches and witchcraft 2014books on france

I still have not read any books for either of these challenges, since the France one is only 3 books that’s not too bad, but 20 for the witches and witchcraft challenge is going to be very difficult if I do not get a move on.

How are you going with all the challenges?