Sharcano by Jose Prendes

A burnt and half-eaten megalodon shark corpse is found beached. A priest commits suicide. A previously unknown volcano rises from the China Sea and brings about a tsunami that destroys Shanghai. Yellowstone erupts after 640,000 years of silence. A pit in Nicaragua known as the “mouth of hell” begins violently spewing lava.

When Reporter Mick Cathcart and Marine Biologist Agnes Brach set out looking for answers, they never expected to stumble upon the biblical end times. Yet with sharks made of lava shooting from volcanoes to devour anyone in their way, how could anyone deny it?

With the help of a beleaguered priest and a billionaire industrialist, Mick and Agnes scramble to shutter the volcanoes and put down the lava sharks before the whole world burns to a cinder.

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I like films like this, ones that take a normal event like a volcano erupting and make it quite unbelievable, like lava sharks coming out of it, I thought I might like to read it to, I did not. The writing style was not to my taste and there was swearing where I personally felt it was not needed. The idea was a little far fetched, I thought it was going to be a comedy, but it was very serious and not what I expected. I did not think it was bad, just not for me, I could not finish it. I thought some of the storylines were unpredictable, which is a good thing and I did find myself wanting to know what happened in the end, but it was too tough going for me.

It was original and thought provoking, and if the writing had been more suited to me I am sure I would have carried on. I do hope it does well, it is unlike anything else I have ever read.

I would suggest this to fans of crime and far fetched books.