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‘The world is never-ending.
I never realized just how much space there is – how far and wide the water around our island stretches out. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I may have believed that a second Wall ran around Tresco, containing the infinite waters so we wouldn’t all wash over the edge and plummet down into the depths.’

Leia and Walt are on their way to the Other Side, where the legendary land of Cornwall awaits them. Tony, their new friend, has told them that all wars of the past have been forgotten and the citizens of Bodmin and Dartmoor live in peace. People adhere to the tenets of an old religion that preaches forgiveness and non-violence.
However, Walt and Leia soon discover that even a peace-loving, ideal society like this one may have its flaws. While on a forbidden trip to Exeter, the old city of their ancestors, the two Islanders discover more about the new world than they ever bargained for.

Secrets run dark and passions run deep in this thrilling conclusion to the Island novella series.

I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I have read the first two books in the series and really enjoyed them. This one kept the momentum flowing. It was a while since I read the first two, it took me a while to remember exactly what happened. But once I had, I was in love with the story once again. This time the setting was Dartmoor, it was well done, and the writing was beautiful. The characters I know and love are back, with a few new ones, lots of exciting new places to explore. Leia and Walt managed to get themselves into more messes which they cleverly get themselves out of.

I liked all the different customs for the different places, a little too much religion for my liking, but that is personal preference. I read the whole book in a matter of hours, it flowed well and was a nice quick read.

There was not much description of how the world got into such a state, I wish there was more about that and the disease that is killing people. Other than those small things, which are just my opinions, I really enjoyed this book and the rest of the series. I would read them again and recommend them to anyone who likes dystopian books. I liked how the author sees good and bad in all of her characters and shows them in such a light.

Four out of Five stars.

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