the worst witch strikes again


Mildred is put in charge of the new girl Enid Nightshade with disastrous results, and Ethel gets up to her mean tricks again at Miss Cackle’s birthday celebration.


Jill Murphy does it again, another amazing story. It’s full of fun and things going wrong. The reasons I gave it four stars instead of five was that there was not quite enough magic for me. Also not enough happened, I know it’s a children’s book and it’s less that 100 pages long, but I wanted more, it felt a little too much like a T.V. episode. Saying that it was great I really love the characters and read it in about 20 minutes. I still love the pictures, as an adult it’s not often I read books with pictures and I have to say the really added to the story for me.

If you loved this T.V. series as a kid or just want a fun filled magical story about a witch that’s not very good at magic, then this series is for you.

Four out of Five stars.