cinderella's dress

Being seventeen during World War II is tough. Finding out you’re the next keeper of the real Cinderella’s dresses is even tougher.
Kate simply wants to create window displays at the department store where she’s working, trying to help out with the war effort. But when long-lost relatives from Poland arrive with a steamer trunk they claim holds the Cinderella’s dresses, life gets complicated.
Now, with a father missing in action, her new sweetheart, Johnny, stuck in the middle of battle, and her great aunt losing her wits, Kate has to unravel the mystery before it’s too late.

After all, the descendants of the wicked stepsisters will stop at nothing to get what they think they deserve.

I received a free copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

General Overview (No Spoilers)

I did enjoy this book but there was glaring flaws, like years apparently passed, but there was no real indication of it. You were told rather than  shown. Also the letters, there was no stop between one and the next. I was a little bored at times, there was a few points where I skipped pages because I really did not care some of the story. I thought the exciting part would be the bits about the history of Cinderella’s dress, but I actually found that tedious, the best part of the story was Kate and Johnny’s relationship. Which for is strange since I don’t really like romance novels.

3 stars out of 5.

Step by Step Overview (Spoilers)

0% – Fairytale meets world war two, this sounds like an unusual but amazing combination. I am really looking forward to this.

10% – So far so good, there’s a few terms that I am not sure would have been around in world war two, but the story is nice and has lots of potential. I am looking forward to finding out about the dress.

20% – I like where the story is going, I like Aunt Elsie. But I do want to know more, give me something to hold on to. I do not know much more than I knew at the start. I am still hanging onto the same wispy idea of Cinderella.

30% – Oh Johnny Day, you make me swoon. Just let Kate know you like her, it’s not that hard.

40% – I am enjoying reading the letters between Kate and Johnny and Kate and her brother, Floyd. Although the letters are not separated well and takes a minute to understand it’s a new letter.

50% – Don’t let Kate and Johnny fall out, they are perfect for each other. Apparently years have passed with no indication, which annoyed me slightly.

70% – Is Kate serious? She is going to put the dress she is trying to keep hidden in a window for everyone to see?

80% – Finally coming together and Johnny is now in on the secret.

100% – Nice ending if not a little bland. I would have liked to know a little more about Kate and Johnny after all this, did they get married?