the rebel within

First book in Rebel series.

Forced to grow up quickly, Annabelle (16) faces adult dilemmas and a fight for her life. Orphaned at age three when the elite military corps took parents, she’s a tomboy who rebels against a conformist society. The state pushes her to become a cop intern to catch escaped boys. Then she’s forced to choose between joining the elite military unit that took her parents or being torn from her beloved sister and adoptive mom.

The Rebel Within turns our male dominated world upside down. After the Second American Civil War, the Federal Union pursues a utopian society without men by rounding up the remaining males, and enforcing Harmony. Central to their plan is EggFusion Fertilization and Female Mechanized Warriors based near Knoxville.

In this world, Annabelle faces a cop intern boss who hates her, a military commander who demands too much, and an amazon bully who won’t leave her alone. She meets a handsome boy who escapes prison. As she tries to survive rigorous military training and hunt for her imprisoned birth mother, Annabelle must choose between capturing the boy and helping him escape, while she wrestles with the consequences of her actions.

I received a free copy of this book via the goodreads group Shut up and Read, in exchange for an honest review.

I really struggled with this book. I found it slow and really dragged. I really did not like the characters and I found some of the relationships a little disturbing. I really did not like Dara, from the first meeting she annoyed me. I actually almost stopped reading because of her. I did struggle to carry on. I felt like I was wading through mud rather than flowing down a stream. There was no point I actually cared what happened to the characters, if it had not been a review book I would not have finished.

There was terms that was never explained and some of the rules were very unbelievable. The only bit I really liked was hearing about Morgan and other males. It gave me something to hang onto. There was something lacking in this book for me, I cannot put my finger on what it is. The premise and idea of book was great, it did not follow through in execution.

I will not be continuing with the series.

2 out of 5 stars