the cage

The Cage by Jacci Turner

Four students are thrown together in a high school summer class. Tyrell tells of a dream he’s been having about a girl who’s in danger. Sam realizes it’s the same mystery girl she’s been sketching! Where is this information coming from and what should the Blue Group do about it?

Join Tyrell, Tiffany, Sam and Orlando as they navigate the complicated world of high school
friendship,romance and something bigger than both!

I received a free copy of this book from the author via the goodreads group We love Ya books, in exchange for an honest review.

General Review (No Spoilers)

I liked this book very much. The setting of a school was nothing original, but a summer English class of different schools and ages, all there for different reasons, was a creative one. The teacher seemed very nice and actually cared about the students. It was good to see a fun side of him as well as a serious side. It was a nice mix of students in the Blue group, different backgrounds and up-bringings. The way each character’s story was told and how they grew was really clever and had me engrossed. It took a little longer than I would have like for the mystery girl to be mentioned and them do anything about it, but that’s just me, I expected most of the book to be about it.

There were some dark issues dealt with in this book, the author did not go into great detail but I would not suggest this for readers under 15. Also a little too much religion in this for me.

4 out of 5 stars.

Step by Step Overview (Spoilers)

0%-Looks like a fun, intriguing YA novel, around 150 pages so not long.

10%- So far the characters seem likeable. The way you are getting to know them all through an English assignment is clever and creative.

20% – So far it has a lot more depth than I expected. I did not expect some of the dark issues mentioned.

30% – I do hope we hear more about their stories, I am really enjoying them. I loved the Catholic story very much, made me smile.

40% – It’s nice to see them taking such interest in each others lived. The concert sounded magical, it takes a great author to make me want to something like that, but I really wanted to be there.

50% – I am guessing the group are going to pair off into couples; Tyler with Tiff and Sammy with Lando. I am looking forward to hearing more about the mystery girl and how she comes into the story.

60% – So now Charity is having dreams about the girl too, a little overkill in my opinion.

70% – The growth in the characters is good but I did think the story would be more about the girl.

80% – Finally we are getting somewhere. Don’t get me wrong I am enjoying the story greatly, just not what I expected it to be about. How are they going to find the girl?

90%-  Good Dwana is now safe and they will hopefully get her home to her parents.

100% – I liked how the author finished up the book well, all issues were cleared up, but for me the poem was not needed. I really liked how the author put links to support groups for issues discussed in the book.