Before they landed on a remote desert island, the survivors of Flight 29 Down weren’t necessarily friends. Some of them were friend-ly, some were healthy competitors, and some were . . . just plain strangers. Get the backstory on television’s hottest group of tween castaways in this original prequel.

It says it’s a prequel, it’s not really, it’s just the story, as same as the first few episodes of the T.V. series. I really enjoyed this. It was a nice clean story made for kids. Okay it has danger and people getting hurt in it, but it’s not gruesome. All the kids just want to get home. To me it would be a little more realistic if they relished the time away from adults more, just for a few days, they were all so sensible. But it was nice to see that. They mostly got on, had their differences though.

The idea of crashing on a deserted island is a very scary one. With not much food and only one adult who goes off into the jungle, also not much drinking water, it would be too frightening for some kids that age.

Overall it was a really good read, looking forward to reading the second one πŸ™‚

Four out of five stars