asylum for fairytale creatures

Once upon a nightmare…

Long ago, in a land where imagination meets the darkest nightmares, they built the asylum. Surrounded by a forest of thorns, it holds the most twisted minds in the fairy tale kingdom: a terrible collection of evil creatures and forgotten souls. Imprisoned within its walls, they are doomed to spend forever after telling their tales… and serving as a warning to others.

Now, you are invited to accompany Blood Red Riding Hood into the depths of this strange place – where you will meet its even stranger inhabitants. But be warned: walls this thick were built to withstand the darkest magic… so once you’re inside, you might just find yourself living horribly ever after… and wishing you were indeed in a land far, far away.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I found this book very exciting. It was extremely dark and clever. Some of it was disturbing but strangely in a good way. I liked hearing the different stories from the characters, on how they came to be in the asylum. Some of it was over the top but it was interesting and kept me guessing.

I liked how well the stories stuck to the original with some dark twists, it was really well done and well written. I would read more from the author and recommend this to anyone who likes fairytale retellings.

four out of five stars.