book burning

If it came to a life or death situation where you had to burn books to stay alive, could you? Could you be the one to throw them into the fire? Could you sit and watch them burn as you get warm.

I probably could, if it meant life for me and others, but I would do it with a heavy heart.

Harder question. Could you throw your favourite book or series on if that was all that was left?

My favourite is Harry Potter and no I probably could not. I think I would hide them away so no-one else would no where they are, unless I still knew there was more copies. But even then, these ones have been with me for years. Each since I first read them over a decade ago. It would hurt far too much to imagine.

I know I say this now but if it came down to life or death I probably I just like to think that I wouldn’t.

What would you do?