When I first thought of this my immediate answer was yes of course. But then I thought about it. No it can’t. I can need work or just more but if it has been published, someone somewhere must like it. Even if it is only the author and possibly the publisher.

It’s all about taste, I have read books that people I know (and don’t know) love but I cannot stand and visa versa. No book is every going to be perfect, although the Harry Potter series is pretty darn close. There will be people who just don’t like it for various reasons. But it could never be described as bad.

So why should it be any different for other books? Why just because the majority of people do not like it, should it be called a bad book? I really dislike saying I did not enjoy a book, I prefer saying it was not for me. Sometimes that is true, I am just not enjoying the story very much but I can see why people who like that sort of thing do like it. I did not enjoy the Great Gatsby, but it’s well-loved classic. The story was just too long winded and not enough happened. They partied, people died, done.

the last academt

One of my favourite books The Last Academy, has got a lot of bad reviews. A lot of people really dislike this book, and I can understand why. Although I love it, I only gave it three stars, the middle of the book was just so meh and and didn’t make much sense. But the end, oh the end I was in love it was amazing. I have reread it since and was much better but I knew what was coming, I know what a treat I was in for at the end. But many people have tagged this book as ‘Never read’, which is a shame.

24th room

I read this book at the start of this year and well to be polite it was not for me. It needed so much editing. This is the only book I have ever seen with a rating on goodreads below 2, it has a rating of 1.57. I feel bad for the author, she put in work and this is what she gets out of it.

So could this book be classed as bad? Only fourteen people have rated it, so probably not enough, how many people would be a fair average rating? 1,000?

Is there more books that have this low a rating? It would be interesting to find out.

Is there any books that you class as bad?

Happy reading