I saw this on Brilliantly Novel and I have been meaning to this for ages. I hope you don’t mind I stole your titles, they were very cool. πŸ™‚


harry potter and the half blood prince

I didn’t really read much until I found the Harry Potter series as a teenager. This is the series that got me into reading.


the pain merchants

I originally bought this for my sister, thinking it would be okay but nothing special, she handed it back to me the next day and told me to go read. I had it finished by the next afternoon. It was really really good. The whole series was amazing.


quidditch through the ages

I bought when I went to the Harry Potter Studios. I have been in a little of a reading slump so this was a nice easy read to get me out of it.


fallen crest High

I do read this sort of thing if it has a paranormal side to it, this was the first time I read one without it. I quite enjoyed it.



I found some funny moments. It was good and quirky.


city of the sun

A really good dystopian read that feels unique but familiar at the same time.



Films like this are fine, but not very keen on books like this. It was not for me, gave me a head ache.


the great gatsby

I read it for college rather than school, but hey. I wasn’t the biggest fan, it kind of bored me. I need more in my books.


angela's ashes

This was such a sad book, I could only read it a chapter at a time. It was hard to read since I knew it was a true story and all this hurt really happened.


the last academt

The middle was mediocre, but end had me wanting more. I was feeling so many emotions at once. It was so good.

Your turn πŸ™‚