never bite a boy on the first date

I’ve got a few issues. I’m a vampire now. One of my classmates was found dead, with telltale fang marks. I didn’t do it! (really!) Nobody believes me, so … I’m going to have to find the real killer. I’ve already got three suspects. (three very cute suspects.) One more problem: I am seriously falling for one of them … but what if he’s the killer?

I liked the fun, light style and tone of this book. It was entertaining to read and the identity of the murderer kept me on my toes. I was not a fan of the main character juggling three/ four guys, depends on how you look at it. It was an interesting story and although I had worked out who the murderer was half way through the book, there was lots of other mysteries for me to uncover.

Milo – aww he sounds so cute, def the boy you want to be dating. Funny too always a bonus.

Daniel – Hmm he was not my fave character, a little too mysterious for my liking.

Zach – a little bit of a physco from the start.

I would read more books if this was a series, not sure what else could happen though.

It was a good teenage vampire story, unlike any I have ever read which is a great thing.

All in all an original story full of mysteries and cute boys.

Four out of five stars.