Happy New Year to all. Hope everyone had good holidays.

I was planning to do it anyway but bookish new year resolutions are seeming really popular this year. Oh well let’s get on with it.

1. Read more. Nice and simple make more time to read I really love it.

2. Try my best to finish books. If I really hate a book it’s okay to stop but there’s too many books that I am enjoying that I just stop for no reason and this needs to stop.

3. Read more review books, I have loads of review books to read. I need to move my butt and get them read.

4. Blog more, try and do a post every day or every few days. I know it may not always be possible and when it isn’t I should not beat myself up.

5. Try and finish series, I have quite a few I have started but not yet finished.

6. Try and read 100 new books this year. Should be easy but it always seems to prove difficult.

What are your new years resolutions?